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Back Flows

What is Back Flow? Backflow is the undesirable reversal of the flow of water or mixture of water and other liquids, gases or other substances into the distribution pipes of the potable supply of water from any source or sources.

It is important to keep your Back Flow prevention devices tested regularly and working properly to maintain Safe Drinking Water as stated in the Title 17 Safe drinking water act:

  1. Certified testers on staff have passed laboratory and field evaluation tests given by recognized testing organizations, recognizing their competency to perform such tests to the Department.
  2. Certified in all Southern California counties.
  3. In addition, California Coast Plumbers performs repairs, full device replacement, and maintenance.
  4. Anti-theft devices (cable locks, cages can be installed on any backflow device).

There are many different sources or potential backflow threats throughout your commercial plumbing system. It is the duty of the water supplier to ensure that adequate maintenance and period testing is done to ensure the proper operation of the devices. There are devices that will prevent these threats. The type of protection you may need on your premises depends upon the degree of hazard that exists on your premises.

The type of protective device that may be required includes: Double check Valve Assembly (DC), Reduced Pressure Principle Back Flow, Prevention Device (RP), and an Air gap Separation (AG). The water user may choose a higher level of protection than required by the water supplier. Certified testers and installers on staff at California Coast Plumbers, can help with identifying potential hazards on your premises.

Our staff is tested at least annually or more frequently if determined to be necessary by the health agency or water supplier. When devices are found to be defective, they shall be repaired or replaced in accordance with Title 17 safe water drinking act. Any time a backflow preventer device is installed, repaired or relocated, it must be immediately tested and not put back into service unless they are functioning as required. The water supplier shall notify the water user when the backflow preventer needs to be tested and a date will be given when the test needs to be completed.  Our staff can also design, build, maintain or service your devices.

California Coast Plumbers, Inc. | Specializing in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Plumbing